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Medication Assisted Treatment

How Vivitrol Affects Alcohol Use Disorder

By September 7, 2022No Comments

Confronting and sustainably dealing with an addiction takes far more than will power alone. Since substance use disorder is a disease of the brain, this means effective treatment involves more than the “just say no” approach that was once so popular in American culture.

Fortunately, there are medical options to explore for individuals looking to truly find freedom from addiction. Vivitrol is a highly effective medication-assisted treatment for use with alcohol, and it can help with your recovery journey.

Vivitrol for alcohol treatment

Vivitrol Shot Options

Vivitrol is a trade name for intramuscular injection of naltrexone. It has been approved for the treatment of alcohol dependence by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In the most basic of terms, Vivitrol helps with alcohol cravings by lessening the euphoric high that comes with drinking. It also is effective with opioid substances.

A person with alcohol use disorder has rewired their brain. When drinking, the pleasurable affects and the pain-relief that pours over the chemistry of an alcoholic overwhelms their ability to simply stop—no matter what the consequences are.

Vivitrol counteracts this drive by simply taking away the effects. This reverses the brain’s association with alcohol.

There is overwhelming evidence that a Vivitrol shot consistently produces a statistically significant increase in days of abstinence from alcohol.

Is Vivitrol Effective?

Vivitrol is most effective when you use it in combination with behavioral change.  Vivitrol is not a magic wand that will just make you stop drinking, even though it is an outstanding option for somebody who is alcohol dependent. Vivitrol should also only be administered by a professional MAT addiction treatment specialist that can help guide you in the direction of full recovery that makes the most sense in your individual situation.

Before you administer Vivitrol, you need to have the courage to challenge who you are and acknowledge that your old thought patterns didn’t work for you. That personal journey is assisted by therapy, counseling, and adhering to an approved addiction treatment program. At the Volpicelli Center for addiction treatment, our team walks alongside our clients to ensure real treatment is part of their medical outlook.

Does Vivitrol Work Instantly?

Technically, yes, a dose of Vivitrol gets to work in your system right away and records its first peak in your blood within the first two hours of administering the drug. However, the palpable removal of euphoric effects comes after sustained use over several months. It is also important that you do not miss any of your appointments.

Who Benefits from Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is for adults (18 or older). It is helpful for people who are new into recovery as well as anyone looking to find relief and that extra needed push to keep them from turning to their old habits. The added benefit is that in an outpatient treatment center, with more flexibility comes a need to be able deal with certain temptations as they arise. Medications have been proven effective in lasting addiction treatment and should be considered for anyone looking for long-term sobriety.

Vivitrol Options in Montgomery County, PA

The Volpicelli Center in Pennsylvania offers both outpatient detox addiction treatment and medication assisted treatment. Our team specializes in addiction treatment for individuals that are looking for real, long-term recovery.

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