Outpatient Detox / Ambulatory Detox in Pennsylvania

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Detox

The various chemicals that contribute to a substance use disorder do an excessive amount of harm. Over time, not only do our bodies begin to crave drugs or alcohol also become dependent on them.

This dependency means that the natural chemicals your body was once able to create to keep you living a normal life have been replaced by the chemicals in various substances.

Your body needs to get back to taking care of this process itself.

Detoxification is the process of clearing out substances of abuse from the body. It’s the first crucial step in addiction treatment.

With inpatient detox, the person lives at the facility during detoxification. Inpatient detox is usually suitable for people who don’t have a safe and supportive environment for detoxification at home or with additional complications, such as physical or mental health issues.

In contrast, outpatient our ambulatory detoxification allows the person to seek treatment during business hours and return to the comfort of their home afterward. The most significant benefit of outpatient detox is its cost-effectiveness since the person doesn’t require round-the-clock care.

Sometimes clients benefit from an injection such as a Vitriol shot. We are able to asses and offer this option to our clients.

Outpatient Detox Penn

What Does Outpatient Detox Involve?

As mentioned, the first step in any addiction treatment program is typically detoxification. However, detoxification usually produces unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects that prevent the completion of the program, so it’s often necessary to administer medication to manage withdrawal symptoms.

In an outpatient setting (ambulatory detoxification), the ideal candidate should experience mild withdrawal symptoms, and their history should not show any previous detox complications or complicated illnesses. In addition, the person should have a conducive recovery environment and stick to the prescribed instructions and appointments.

In any case, outpatient or ambulatory detox programs are designed to ensure patients can withstand withdrawal symptoms more safely and comfortably. Ultimately, this increases the effectiveness of an addiction treatment center and allows the person to experience a more favorable recovery journey.

What Is Involved in a Medical Detox?

In essence, medical detoxification is the first rung on the ladder of substance use recovery. It generally involves the removal of toxic substances from the body under medical advice with the help of medications for pain relief and decrease of cravings.

Reviewing Your History

Before you begin your detox, you can expect us to go through a brief history of your substance use disorder. This evaluation should help us curate a personalized detox plan for you and ensure that you can remain free from any substances during your detoxification.

During this phase, you can expect us to explore any medical conditions you may have and the substance you are currently struggling with. Additionally, we may also look into your mental and physical well-being, as this will help us understand what level of treatment you need.

Receiving Medication

At our practice, we believe that effective medication lies at the core of any successful detoxification process. These medications for addiction treatment are essential for battling withdrawal symptoms and reducing any cravings that may currently feel. So, it is likely that we will offer you some form of medication for your detox program.

However, you should note that we will only provide medication on a client-by-client basis, and the medicine we offer you will always depend on the results of your evaluation.


The detox process typically lasts from 3-7 days. Our trained medical staff are available throughout the entire process.   

The Volpicelli Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Detox

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