Volpicelli Center Outpatient Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complete my questionnaires on the patient portal?

The link to the patient portal is portal.ehryourway.com. After signing in, you will find your questionnaires on the left-hand side under the “Forms to Complete” tab.  

What are your COVID-19 precautions?

We follow CDC Guidance for Businesses and Employers. We have modified seating in both our  reception area and in individual offices. We require face masks and perform COVID-19 screenings for each individual entering our building. We utilize plexyglass barriers and PPE as needed. We regularly sanitize every surface and seat, as well as requiring staff to regularly wash hands. 

All of our staff have received both COVID-19 vaccine doses.

Do I have to physically come in?

If you are able to come into the office, we encourage that. However, if you are unable or unwilling to due to COVID-19 concerns, we are willing to accommodate you by utilizing telehealth appointments. Patients being seen for substance abuse will be required to submit a urine sample on site at a predetermined time. 

Can I really detox at home instead of going to inpatient?

Yes. We are proud to offer ambulatory detoxification at our practice. For more information about outpatient detox,  refer to our Services Page. 

How often will I have to be seen?

That depends on where you are in the program. If you are just starting out, you may be seen weekly. If you are a few months in, you may be seen monthly. For more information about our program design, refer to our Services Page.

Do you take insurance?

We are currently in-network with two insurance companies, Aetna and Imagine Health. We do work with our out-of-network patients by providing coded invoices, upon request, to be used for partial reimbursement.

I’m thinking about getting Vivitrol. Is the shot is painful?

Every body is different so it feels different for everyone. Our aim is to make it as comfortable as possible for each patient. We may perform shots while a patient is standing or laying flat, alternate location of the shot, and recommend helpful tips for aftercare. 

Are you a 12-step based program?

We are not a 12-step based program. Our all of our clinicians are trained in our in-house psychosocial support technique developed by Dr. Volpicelli, called The BRENDA Approach. We do fully support our patients in their 12-step endeavors if that is their preference. 

My child is struggling with opioid addiction. Do you treat teens?

Our program is for patients 18 years old or older. We do not treate minors at this time. If you have a teen struggling with substance abuse, please call the SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 800-662-HELP (4357).

Are you LGBT+ affirming?

We provide a safe and inclusive space for recovery for all patients regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. 

Our Premier Outpatient Addiction Treatment Options

We are an intimate, comprehensive addiction treatment center fully invested in your lifelong recovery. And you are on the first step to recovery.

Outpatient Detox

This 3–7-day process is vital for lasting recovery. Our ambulatory detoxification allows our clients to remain home with their families or even go to work as addictive substances are safely and comfortably removed from their bodies.

Medical Treatment to Assist in Long-term Recovery

For clients who are free from ependence on alcohol or other drugs, our goal is to reduce the risk of relapse and improve psychosocial functioning. This typically includes the combination of medications that reduce drug cravings and block the pleasurable effects of drugs or alcohol.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling

Our psychosocial support is designed to work together with medications to improve long-term recovery. Treatment is individualized to meet each person's specific needs. This second aspect of rehabilitation at the Volpicelli Center is crucial to your recovery.

What to Expect

Informational Call With an Addiction Treatment Specilaist

Find out if the Volpicelli Center is right for you on an in-depth informational call with our Program Director.

Intake Evaluation

Work with your clinician to co-create an individualized treatment plan. This will take roughly 60 minutes.

First Treatment Appointment

Let’s go through a typical session.

  1. Arrive at the Volpicelli Center and check in.
  2. Complete a quick COVD-19 screening.
  3. Leave a urine sample.
  4. Meet with your clinician for your 30 minute session.
  5. Check out, pay, and schedule your next visit.

You are more than your addiction.

Allow our evidence-based addiction recovery program
to fully support you so you can live fully.

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