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Dr. Volpicelli, our founder, is a sought after speaker, writer, and leader in addiction treatment medicine. Here are some of the places he has been featured.

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Drunk and High at the Same Time: How Crossfading Affects Your Body

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Demi Lovato Says They Are ‘California Sober.’ What Does That Mean?

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Why Alcohol Is More Dangerous for Women
The real reason women should drink less than men

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Can you die from alcohol withdrawal? Understanding the dangers and why it’s important to detox safely

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Dry January Is About the Journey, Not the Destination

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Here’s How to Do a “Dry January” Under COVID-19 Restrictions

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6 Ways Not Drinking Boosts Your Health Over Time

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Here’s How Doing Dry January Can Affect Anxiety

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Experts Reveal How Dry January Affects Your Gut