Psychosocial Support

Addiction Counseling Psychosocial Support

If you or a loved one is currently dealing with substance use disorders, you would have likely considered psychosocial support. This form of intervention focuses on improving your general well-being and tackling any substance-related issues, regardless of the stage of your disorder.

Most people think of Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) or Narcotic Anonymous (NA) for psychosocial support. If those have not worked for you, we offer an alternative. Our approach to psychosocial support is designed to occur during patient appointments for outpatient detox and to affirm treatment retention. We call it the “BRENDA Approach.”

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What is the BRENDA Approach for Addiction Counseling?

The BRENDA approach is an industry-leading psychosocial support system that we often use in treating substance use disorders. The core goal of this approach is to maximize treatment retention through the combination of biological, social, and psychological intervention. In essence, this psychosocial offering focuses on combining effective counseling with any form of prescription medication that helps to reduce cravings and relapses.

This approach combines an in-depth biological, psychological, and social (BPS) evaluation; the report from the BPS eval; empathy; patient needs; direct advice; and assessing patient reaction and adjusting as needed. The BRENDA Approach ensures we are more than just addiction specialists. We are your personalized addiction specialist.

The 6 Components of Our Psychosocial Support

  1. Biopsychosocial (BPS) evaluation.
  2. Report on your BPS evaluation
  3. Empathy for your situation.
  4. Needs are identified.
  5. Direct advice on how your needs can be satisfied.
  6. Assessing how you react to our guidance and making the necessary adjustments for your wellbeing.

Addiction Counseling Support

One of the core features that make BRENDA stand out over other support offerings is that we consistently tailor it to you and your needs. By focusing on the core components of the approach, we can battle any negative thoughts or behaviors that feed your substance use disorder and help transform them into more positive ones. Meanwhile, by taking medication for addictions through the course of your treatment, you can minimize the risks of relapse and keep any persistent cravings at bay.

The BRENDA approach promises a form of psychosocial support that works specifically for you. By combining effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and efficient medication, BRENDA ensures that we are not just substance-abuse specialists, but the Volpicelli Center for addiction treatment becomes your personalized substance-abuse specialists.

You are more than your addiction.

Allow our evidence-based addiction recovery program
to fully support you so you can live fully.

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