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Is Dry January Worth It? Podcast Episode Featuring Dr. Volpicelli

By January 21, 2023No Comments

Podcast Episode:

“Is Dry January Worth It”

This Call Me Curious podcast episode, hosted by Nikki Boyer features Dr. Joseph Volpicelli and his take on Dry January.

It’s a new year and time to make resolutions. Are you thinking about giving up alcohol for the month of January? If you like the idea of more energy, better sleep, weight loss and a lot more dollars in your pocket – then “Dry January” might just be the resolution you’re looking for. Nikki and Malone talk with author Hilary Sheinbaum to learn about her first hand experience of booting the booze for January. And Dr. Joseph Volpicelli from the Volpicelli Center for Addiction joins the mix to talk about the mental and physical benefits of a sober new year.

Dry January Podcast with Dr Volpicelli

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