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Myth Buster: I Can’t Afford Vivitrol

By June 3, 2021May 11th, 2022No Comments

In our previous blog post, we discussed two specific medications in depth, Vivitrol and Sublocade. Today, we are myth busting the high cost of a Vivitrol shot.

You may think only celebrities can afford certain addiction medicines, like Vivitrol. While it is true that some celebrities utilize Vivitrol (we see you Demi Lavoto!!), they are not the only ones. Roughly 90% of our patients on Vivitrol pay $0 for their medication.


Vivitrol shots do cost around $1,500 per dose. However, most insurance companies provide excellent benefits for Vivitrol. Insurances will cover the shot under medical or prescription benefits. Medicaid and Medicare will also cover Vivitrol. If you have a deductible for your insurance, you may have to utilize a copay card and then pay a portion of your shot until you have satisfied your deductible.

Copay Cards

Alkermes, the manufacturer of Vivitrol, provides a copay card that covers up to $500 of your costs. If you are completely uninsured and paying out of pocket, the copay card will act as cash and take $500 off the cost of Vivitrol.

Vivitrol Patient Assistance Program

If you are uninsured, you may be eligible for the Vivitrol patient assistance program depending on your income.

For example, eligible income limits for the Vivitrol patient assistance program are as follows:

  • Household size of 1: $ 44,660
  • Household size of 2: $ 60,340
  • Household size of 3: $ 76,020

If you qualify, you can apply to the Vivitrol patient assistance program at our office. We would need income verification, such as a copy of your tax return from the previous year. Once we have that information, we can help you fill out the required paperwork. After the paperwork and income verification are approved, the manufacturer will send a free Vivitrol shot to our office every month for six months. You can renew your status as long as you continue to meet application requirements.

Regardless of your situation, we will work with you to find the best option that allows you to receive Vivitrol.

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