Drug/Alcohol Treatment

We combine medication and pyschosocial support to aid in recovery. Our clinical protocol is as follows:

Initial visit which includes a full medical and psychiatric evaluation. For the following three months we will see the patient WEEKLY. The three months of weekly visits will be followed by three more months of visits occuring EVERY OTHER WEEK. Once stable, the patient’s treatment will be monitored on a monthly visit basis. Please note that treatment is not a “cookie cutter” experience, and each persons treatment is individualized based on the goals and needs of the patient. This is a general clinical protocol, but the medical director has the ultimate authority to amend this treatment plan.




While you receive treatment at the Volpicelli Center you will have a team of professionals involved in your care. This team consists of a physician, physician assistant, nurse or medical assistant. The “physician of record,” will supervise your treatment and determine when you are ready to be discharged.