The Volpicelli Center


Here at The Volpicelli Center, we seek to lead in the diagnosis and treatment of addictions, training tomorrow’s physicians, nurses, and researchers. Above all, we aim to provide the highest quality health care and service to all of our patients, and we invite you to partner with us.

We are committed to excellence. We know that good care involves more than good medicine. That’s why our concern for you extends to every part of your well-being. We want your experience here to be as safe, comfortable, and effective as possible. Thank you for choosing the Volpicelli Center for your care.


Benefits of Outpatient Care:

Advances in treatment now make it possible for people to be detoxified from alcohol and opioids safely and comfortably on an outpatient basis. Volpicelli Center has pioneered in these developments. Intensive Outpatient treatment has largely become the treatment of choice lately as it enables you to continue to work and be with your family and friends (support systems).

The elements of the treatment program include:

    1. Initial assessment and patient engagement
    2. Ambulatory detoxification
    3. Three months of rehabilitation treatment
    4. Three months of rehabilitation transition
    5. Six months of follow-up.